Financial Planning

Our unique view on financial planning is a 4 step process. We spend the time up front to understand our clients and their situation.  This way it’s done the correct way, the first time.

Discuss & Gather:  We’ll spend the time to get to know you and your family.  Your goals, your preferences and your expectations. Our hope that you will also spend this time to get to know us, our process and our experience.The conversation will lead to a review of your current financial situation and strategies.  Should you be comfortable, we’ll review your current assets, liabilities and insurance. This step is the most important, as it helps our Wealth Strategists get a feel for what’s important in your life and how to tailor our strategies to you in the future. 

Plan:  In our second meeting, we’ll review your comprehensive financial plan. In this meeting, we’ll confirm the information, review the results, discuss potential alternative situations and review “What If” scenarios.  

Recommendations:  The client favorite! This is the good part! Our third meeting will be the recommendation meeting. We’ll come to the meeting ready to discuss our recommendations, while also proposing several other alternative strategies. We’ll agree on one or a hybrid that you’re comfortable with, and help implement that strategy moving forward.  

Monitor and Maintain:  As fiduciaries to our client’s, we continue to monitor and maintain the portfolio, while keeping them informed every step of the way. We pride ourselves on being a very client focused team, and enjoy informed discussions as situations change. We’re proud to say that our clients are very engaged. They know where their money is invested, and why it’s there. A very inclusive and transparent approach to Wealth Management.